Lunch, Light Meals & Entrees

Around the World in 7 Vegan Dumplings

Avocado & White Bean Smash on Toast

Baked Vegan Zucchini Fries – Fork and Beans

BBQ Tempeh Sloppy Joes

BBQ Tempeh Wraps with Spinach

Bean Tostadas

Better-than-Tuna Salad Sandwich

Best Vegan Pulled Pork Roll
THE BEST 10 ingredient Vegan 'Pulled Pork' Sandwich! Lentils, carrots, packed with protein! #vegan #glutenfree #lentils #recipe #BBQ #plantbased #minimalistbaker

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

Black Bean and Wheat Protein Morcilla Sausages With Tofu Scramble and Potatoes

Black Bean Avocado Enchiladas

Black Bean Hummus Panini

Black Bean Orange Peel Edam
Black Bean Orange Peel Edamame

BLT + Special Vegan Bacon Recipe

Braised artichokes
Braised artichokes

Broccolini salad with roasted garlic dressingBroccolini salad with roasted garlic dressing

Brown Rice Spinach Avocado & Seed balls

Celeriac and parsnip rosti with Cumberland sauce

Cheesy Purple Potato Tart

Chickenless Salad Wrap & Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

Chickpea ‘Tuna’ Salad

Chipotle Chickpeas Stuffed Sweet Potato

Chilli Cheese Fries

Cinnamon Turmeric Sweet Potatoes

Cold Noodles with Sesame or Peanut Sauce
Cold Noodles with Sesame or Peanut Sauce

Collard Green Spring Rolls
AMAZING Collard Green, Veggie, + Tofu Spring Rolls with SUNBUTTER Dipping Sauce! A healthy, hearty, #plantbased meal! #vegan #glutenfree #recipe #healthy #minimalistbaker

Comforting Shiitake and Kale Congee

Couscous Stuffed Peppers

CRANBERRY WALNUT CHICKPEA SALAD SANDWICHcranberry-walnut-chickpea-salad-sandwich

Dahl & Potato Spelt Pies

Deviled Egg(less) Salad Sandwiches

Double Stuffed Lemon Basil Pesto Panini
Double Stuffed Lemon Basil Pesto Panini - Double Stuffed Lemon Basil Pesto Panini

Easy Vegan Chickpea Tuna Sandwich
Easy Vegan Chickpea Tuna Sandwich

Easy Vegan Mac & Cheese

Eggplant Sandwich

Fooled Pork Sandwich With Fries

Fried Rice

Ginger Tempeh Poke Bowl

Gooey Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled ‘Cheese’ and Tomato Soup Sandwich

Grilled Vegetable, Olive Flatbread, and Hummus Plate

Green Goddess Hummus Sandwich
Healthy, hearty and fresh hummus sandwich -

Harissa Sweet Potato Fries With BBQ Sauce

Hawaiian BBQ Quesadillas

Healthy Vegan Chilli Cheese Fries
These Vegan Chili Cheese Fries are layers and layers of flavor. They are the perfect recipe for a game-day party, and healthy enough to eat as a weeknight dinner! |

Homemade Vegan BBQ Sandwiches
BBQ Hearts of Palm Sandwiches
Jaffle Sandwich

Jackfruit Sandwiches
AMAZING BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches! The texture is spot-on, and the flavor is BIG! #vegan #glutenfree #minimalistbaker

Jalapeño Corn Dogs

Jalapeño Zucchini Fritters

Korean Jello

Kung Pao Cauliflower Bites


Lemon and Thyme Baba Ghanoush

Loaded Hash Browns

Loaded Smashed Potatoes

Mango Coconut Basil Wraps

Maple Sriracha Tempeh Bacon BLT With Creamy Dill Mayo

Marinated Carrot Hot Dogs

Meze Layer Cake

Mixed beans with roasted capsicum and pine nuts
Mixed beans with roasted capsicum and pine nuts

My Favourite Vegan Wrap
My Favorite Vegan Wrap | Well and Full | #vegan #wrap

Nori and Scallion Avocado Toast

Oodles of Noodly Rice Paper Rolls

Party Pies

Peach Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce

Peanut Butter Salad Roll/Sandwich


Pesto Portobello Sandwich With Spicy Sauce

Rick Stein's pilau rice

Portobello Gyros With Hemp Tzatziki

Post work out Asian bowl!

Potato Nests With Roast Tomato, Guac, and Walnut Parmesan

Pumpkin & Spinach Sandwich

Pumpkin Sage Croquettes

Quinoa Almond Herbed Bread Sticks

Quinoa Asparagus Tabbouleh

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Quinoa Veggie Stir Fry

Rainbow Roasted Veggies with Quinoa

Rainbow Veggie Fried Rice

Roast Veg and Pesto Sandwich

Roasted Veggie Wrap with Bean Spread

Roasted Vegetable Panini with Pesto

Sandwich; Vegan TLT Sandwich (Tempeh Lettuce Tomato

Sausage Rolls, Vegan Sausage Roll Recipe

Sausage Rolls ‘Pork’ and Apple

Sausage Rolls

Silverbeet pancakes

Simple Mashed Potato Waffles

Skinny Carrot Fritters

Smokey Tempeh Sandwich with Caramelized Onions and Horseradish Aioli
This Smokey Tempeh Sandwich recipe has it all. Sweet and smokey tempeh, zippy horseradish aioli, fresh juicy tomatoes, and sweet and savory caramelized onions. It is like a gluten-free and vegan BLT on steroids! |

Smoky Tempeh Sandwich with Sundried Tomato Pesto

Soft Wraps

Spinach & Pine Nut Rolls

Sping Vegetable Tart
Spring vegetable tart

Sun-Dried Tomato and Zucchini Tarts

Super Easy Pad Thai

Sweet’n’Spicy Couscous

Sweet Chipotle Tofu Chicken Fingers

Sweet Potato Rice Balls Stuffed With Cashew Mozzarella

Sweet Potato Spring Rolls

Taco-Spiced Veggie Meat Stuffed Avocado

Tempeh Salad Sandwich

Teriyaki Tofu Wraps with Macadamia Spread

The Ultimate Vegan Bagel Roll
The Ultimate Vegan Bagel Sandwich | Well and Full

Tofu & Coconut Bacon Caesar Sub

Turmeric Falafel

Vegan Bang Bang Broccoli

Vegan Black Bean Satay with Peanut Sauce

Vegan BLT Sandwich
This delicious vegetarian/vegan BLT sandwich is a healthier spin on the classic BLT!

Vegan Caprese Sandwiches with Garlic Cashew Cheese Recipe
Vegan Caprese Sandwiches with Garlic Cashew Cheese

Vegetarian Farro Sloppy Joes
Vegetarian Farro Sloppy Joes |

Veggie-Packed Chickpea ‘Tuna’ Salad

Veggie-Packed Spanish Rice Recipe
Veggie-Packed Spanish Rice

Vegetable Rose Tart With Cheesy Sun-Dried Tomato Filling

Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Winter Squash and Quinoa Rissoles

Wrap; My Favourite Vegan Wrap
My Favorite Vegan Wrap | Well and Full | #vegan #wrap

Wonder Fries
Wonder Fries

Zucchini fritters
Zucchini fritters

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